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Traditional spoon sweets Arta


A family from the city of Arta, the Manega family, has been involved in the production of spoon sweets since the 1950s. The tradition and expertise in making spoon sweets has been passed down from generation to generation.
Today we are the third generation of the family involved in the production of spoon sweets and jam.


The preparation from the fruit to the final product is done with faith in the family tradition.
For the preparation of the sweets, we only use gas which gives a different taste effect. Our materials are completely natural. Only fruit, sugar, and natural flavorings.
The company “Artino Glikaki” does not use artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.
All the products are prepared and packaged by hand. Literally handmade products.


We are loyal to tradition of the family and the region and to the quality of the final product.



You will find us in Koronesia, Artas, Phone: 6945850444

email: artinoglikaki@gmail.com and vwadon@hotmail.com