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Art Culture Inside... A Vase!

Art Culture Inside... A Vase!


Artin culture and tradition went... into the jar.

With a label identifying the place of production, the "Artino candy" is now also available on the shelf.

The company is taking its first steps, but firmly treads on the local tradition with the seal of an old recipe. "We all grew up among cauldrons of fruit, with syrups, with the smell of sugar boiling over a wood fire or gas... This is what we keep and this is what we offer", says the representative of the company, Stathis Antoniou, emphasizing that "the most beautiful sweets of the spoon are made in Arta".
The decision, therefore, was to present the tasting of the region to the whole world, and thus the beginning was made. "The Artino Glykaki" however keeps exactly the way of making the homemade artin dessert. "We continue and maintain the traditional way of production with the cauldron and not with a kettle. Gas and not electric. Only sugar and no glucose. No colors at all. No preservatives and fragrances only where needed. For example, in the bergamot or the green greenhouse that Arta is famous for, you don't need anything. We will put cinnamon in the eggplant, just like the traditional recipes," he explains.


At the exhibition stand, "Artino Glykaki" founded in June 2019, had to present: Wild fig with roasted almond in each piece. Round bergamot, bergamot skin, bergamot, lemon, watermelon, eggplant with roasted almonds and apricot and plum jam...